Media Freedom Clinic profiled

The Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic that I co-founded while a student at Yale is beautifully profiled in the latest Yale Law Report.

The wonderful David Schulz, newly appointed clinical lecturer in law and co-director explains:

“It’s quite clear that new technologies and the way the government is using them have fundamentally altered the relationship between the government and the people who are governed.”

My comment on the founding of the clinic:

“We each had slightly different ideas of what gaps the Clinic could fill and what services it would provide. Two of us had experience in national security litigation, two were coming from summer work on digital civil liberties, and two were inspired by the increasing dearth of impact litigation by legacy news organizations. It’s extraordinary to see how the Clinic today does valuable work affecting issues in all of these areas and continues to trust and empower its student leadership.”

The Clinic currently represents Nick Merrill in a challenge to his gag order, and has litigated for transparency at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). I couldn’t be prouder.