“Dawn or Doom” at Purdue

On September 25th, I’ll be speaking about drone policy at Purdue’s “Dawn or Doom” conference.

Purdue faculty experts and leading national authorities will present their perspectives on the current technology explosion, explore conditions that will foster innovation and investment into the next generation of technology, and address the big-picture issues where both excitement and alarm are appropriate responses.

Drones at New America

I’ll be moderating a panel on The Regulation of UAVs: Air Safety, Privacy and New Technologies at New America’s conference on Drones and Aerial Observation, Weds. July 22, 2015.

[D]rones, by virtue of their aerial perspective, are able to gather large amounts of information cheaply and efficiently, as can unpowered aerial platforms like kites and balloons.

That information, in the form of images, maps, and other environmental data, can be used by communities to improve the quality and character of their property rights. These same tools are also useful in other, related aspects of global development…